In part 1 of this post, we talked about how to create content that gets your audience salivating. Now that the ball is rollin’ on content creation, let’s talk about drippin’ it across multiple platforms…

Do you hear the phrase “content is king” and begin to feel overwhelmed? Creating massive amounts of content may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The great thing about content is that you can repurpose it in different forms. It’s called working smarter, not harder. Here’s an example:

How to Get Months of Content Out of One Blog Post

Let’s say you create a written blog post called, “10 Steps to Losing that Post-Baby Belly in 30 Days.” Here are some ways to get lots of content out of this one post:

1. Audio Recording: Record yourself reading the blog out loud and publish it to Soundcloud as an mp3. That way, people who don’t like reading so much can still take it in by listening to it in the car on their way to work, or in the gym while they’re running on the treadmill.

2. Video: Create a 10-minute video blog (Vlog) of yourself discussing the topic in more depth. (Again, something easy that people can take in without having to read!)

3. Podcast: Interview another expert in the health/weight loss field to get their perspective on your ideas and publish it as a podcast. (Do you see a pattern here? If your audience hates reading, they’re gonna love you!)

4. Facebook Posts: Publish each of the blog’s “10 steps” over a period of 10 weeks as individual Facebook posts.

5. Tweets: Publish each of the blog’s “10 steps” over a period of 10 weeks as individual tweets. A note about Twitter: Tweeting is like throwing a rock into the Grand Canyon. Twitter is a fast-moving platform where thousands of people are sharing their content every minute of every day. Because of this, you can retweet the same thing several times a day and get away with it! Just make sure to reword your tweets each time and spread them out among additional tweets to vary your feed.

6. Pinterest Board: Find images relevant to the post and use them to create memes that each have 1 “golden nugget” or piece of info from the post that your audience can implement one at a time. (Canva is a great tool for creating images that you can use on social media.) Publish each one to a Pinterest board dedicated to the topic of “losing your baby belly” along with other relevant content that you can re-pin such as healthy recipes or core workouts.

7. Email Broadcast: Create an email newsletter to send to your followers with a link to the post.

8. Instagram Giveaway: Do a giveaway on Instagram to incentivize people to follow you and share your content. You could give away a $150 gift card to a healthy grocery store like Whole Foods or a DVD of your favorite fitness program like P90X — anything relevant to weight loss and being healthy.

9. Infographic: Create a 30-day calendar that breaks up the blog post into daily action steps that your audience can take to achieve their goal of losing that post-baby belly.

10. Do it again! Use a tool like CoSchedule to re-publish some of your most popular pieces of content from this one campaign again, so that you bring in even more followers!

Do you see how you can use just ONE piece of content over and over again, stretching it out over weeks, months or even a whole year? Creating massive content doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you break it down like we’ve shown here, it’s pretty flippin’ easy.

Take massive action today! Create something, put it out there, and see how the world reacts. Adapt your content strategy as needed, but don’t stop taking action, no matter what. Do these things and you are guaranteed to WIN!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 2-part post on creating juicy content that drips across all platforms. We’re a digital marketing agency that believes in practicing what we preach, so look out for some of these tips on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds over the next few months. 😉

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