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‘Cause your website should be more than just eye candy…

In case you’ve been living in a hole for the past decade, the Internet is a pretty big place. To stand out in today’s increasingly competitive market, you’ve got to be extra-ordinary. With tons of free and open-source software available, just about anybody can build a blog or a website. But your website is useless if:

  1. No one sees it.
  2. Lots of people see it, but no one decides to buy from you.

That’s why it’s important to hire professional website copywriters to help you not only get seen, but also convert those eyeballs into paying hands.

(“Visa, MasterCard, or cash?” … Ya’ feel me?)

We’ve already talked about the importance of making a fab first impression with a stunning visual design. But your website should be more than just a pretty face. If you wanna give your visitors “#allthefeels”, you have to appeal to their emotions using both imagery and effective content.

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A well-written website converts clicks into customers on auto-pilot. In our experience, the best web content—at minimum—meets 7 (not-so) basic criteria.

Don’t have a website?

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