We’ve all received ‘em … countless emails or phone calls from self-proclaimed “SEO experts” asking for your time and money with nothing more than the empty promise of “we can get you ranked on the first page of ‘the Google.”

(Um … it’s just ‘Google’…)

As proven SEO experts ourselves, we have to say … this really grinds our gears. This SEO spam gives our industry a bad rap and turns the very term “SEO” into a trigger word leading people to think of annoying, hungry vultures who pounce on you the very second you make a change to your website. These scavengers leech off businesses for months providing little to no results and leaving business owners with a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to SEO.

The #1 obstacle for Fleek Consulting as a digital marketing agency is getting over this hurdle left behind by SEO spammers. Some people we come in contact with actually get aggravated and defensive when they find out what we do, and rightly so…

But … we’re “the good guys.”

We actually want to provide value and help companies grow.

This stumbling block often stands between us and a potential client and motivates us to go H.A.M. (Hard As a Mutha____). We want to break down the wall of mistrust and reuse the bricks to build up their business. Our aim is to create lasting relationships with business owners and lock arms as we march forward toward their success.

How We Provide Value

In order to break down these borders left behind by basic “SEO experts” it is important to establish and develop trust with our clients. There are three major ways in which we do this:

  1. Valuable info. We’re all about giving business owners information that is going to be of value for them. Doing this establishes us as a true expert in our field. When all the other average online marketers out there are only offering empty promises, we’re actually out there providing real value for free right off the bat. How do we do this? By educating our clients on exactly what we do and how it works. We provide free digital audits in the form of videos that are power-packed with strategies that businesses can implement right away.
  2. Consistent communication. We let our clients know exactly what we are doing and how we are implementing our processes to get them where they want to be. We aim to be fully transparent about our strategies and how they’re affecting our clients’ growth, now and long-term. This helps to organically build up trust and develop our relationships with the businesses in our community.
  3. Actual Results. Those other SEO companies may claim to get you ranked on the first page of Google, but for what? For keywords that no one is searching for? Most of the time, this is the case, especially if you’re only paying pennies for their services. Competitive keywords—the ones that your target audience are likely using to search for you—are much more difficult to rank for. But that also means they’re more expensive to go after. Our services may not be the cheapest around, but you can bet you’re gonna get the best when it comes to quality, because we aren’t afraid to go after those hard-to-rank keywords in highly competitive niches.

Why You Need SEO

More and more consumers are trusting search engines to provide information and advice on the things they’re searching for, whether it be a product, service, or even just a general question. Think about this… what is the first thing you do when someone tells you something that you question? Chances are, like everybody else, you pull out your phone and Google it. Likewise, if you are popping up on search engines for keywords relevant to your goods or services, people are going to view you as an authority in your industry.

In today’s ever growing digital market, SEO services are not only applicable but extremely necessary. More and more people are moving towards buying the majority of their goods and services online and you can bet your bottom dolla’ they’re doing all their research on a specific product or service by searching Bing or Google.

SEO services are vital for increasing your online visibility and getting your business in front of your target audience. Don’t let SEO spammers turn you completely off of the services we provide and realize that “the good guys” do exist.

Let us prove it to you before you spend a dime: Click here to request a FREE digital strategy audit.

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