Have you ever dated two people at once? It’s not exactly easy… or worth the drama. The juggling act of keeping both parties happy while simultaneously making sure one does not find out about the other can be stressful and exhausting.

It is much more edifying to put all your time and energy into one relationship rather than “playin’ the field.” When you invest your time in one person and build the relationship up, it makes the juice way more worth the squeeze. On the other hand, juggling multiple relationships will leave you short of your morning juice for breakfast.

When you date two people at once it makes you not only seem indecisive but also untrustworthy. This is also true in the realm of business and something some digital marketing firms don’t seem to understand.

Unlike most other so called “SEO experts,” Fleek Consulting offers exclusivity. This means we work solely with you and nobody else in your industry in your location. We’re looking to build long-lasting relationships and lock arms with business owners as we walk it out.

Nobody likes being the side piece, especially when you think you are the only one. We would be devastated if our clients were receiving another form of marketing that we offer from somebody else. The insecurities would begin to seep in… “Are we not doing enough to make them happy? What does this other digital marketing company have that we don’t?”

No one deserves to feel that way and that is the main reason why we offer exclusivity. You deserve better from your online marketing firm. You deserve to be the apple of their eye.

Here are some signs to look for to know if your SEO Company is cheating on you…

  1. They seem distant. You used to receive calls every week or at least once a month from your online marketer but now it seems like pulling teeth to get them on the phone.
  2. They always seem to be too busy for you. When you finally do get them on the phone they are short with you and always seem too busy to make any time for you.
  3. They dodge your questions like a politician. When you begin to ask them questions they dance around the answer and respond without really answering.
  4. They change your password. You notice you can no longer get into your website because your online marketing agency has changed the password and locked you out.
  5. They are extremely vague with you. You used to know every little thing they were doing and where exactly your marketing dollars were going, but now it feels like you’re left in the dark.

If your current SEO firm is exhibiting one or more of these signs, it is a good indication that they are cheating on you. Life is short and you don’t need that kind of negativity. Go with an SEO company that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Team up with Fleek Consulting and we guarantee you will be “the apple of our eye!”

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