The best way to unleash your brand to the masses is through pure, unadulterated, free content. This content can take on many forms such as blogs, images, videos, infographics, memes, opinion posts, podcasts and more.

“What is ‘pure, unadulterated content’?”

It is important to be very sincere and true with every bit of content that you put out. This can be a struggle for most brands to accomplish. Before beginning to even think about creating content, it is important to take these necessary steps:

Step 1. Know Thy Self. Know your brand inside and out, and know what makes you different from others. Once you know who you are you must always stay true to that in every bit of content you create.

Step 2. Know Thy Audience. Knowing who you are will allow you to determine who your target audience — who it is you are trying to reach with your content. Really dial it in here, and get into your audience’s mind. What make them tick? What keeps them up at night? Knowing their pain points will enable you to come up with a solid strategy to solve their problems.

Step 3. Know Thy Enemy. Ok… maybe not your enemy but your competitor. Find out who your competitors are, what is and isn’t working for them. This will help you set yourself apart as you implement what works and throw out what doesn’t.

Once you take these steps you can begin to formulate a content strategy. It’s important to make sure your content reflects your brand in a cohesive way. The last thing you want is to come off as though you’re in the middle of an identity crisis. How do you expect your audience to know who you are if you don’t even know?

“Ok, so how do I make sure the content I create is juicy?”

Excellent question; we’re glad you asked! Here are a few tips for creating content that’s sure to get your audience salivating…

  • Find what interests you. What are you passionate about? You know, that thing you can go on talking about for hours? Yeah, utilize that to create your content. When you do this, everyone you reach will feel your passion and desire to connect with you even more.
  • Provide value. Create content that is relevant and can be used by your audience to help solve their problems. This ties into knowing your audience, including their pain points and struggles. Constantly providing value to your audience builds trust and grows your following.
  • Be unique. The beautiful thing about life is that no two people are the same. This is something to embrace! After all, monotony is boring. Set yourself apart from the crowd and others in your industry by finding what makes you different and shouting it loud!
  • Be creative. Creative content is key if you want to grab people’s attention and pull them in. This ties into making yourself stand out. “But there is nothing new under the sun…” you may say. True, but you can always approach a trending topic or current event from a new angle and add your unique perspective to the mix. Make it your own by putting your creative spin on it.
  • Be engaging. You want to create content that will incite engagement from your audience. Discuss current topics that are getting a lot of attention. And definitely don’t be afraid to approach controversial topics head on! Even if people don’t agree with your perspective, you’re likely to inspire discussion and engage your audience by talking about things that everyone else is too afraid to discuss. Remember to ask questions as well. People love talking about themselves and their own points of view, so the more questions you ask, the more engagement will flourish.

alright alright alright meme - Matthew McConaughey

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, where we’ll discuss what to do with your content (once it’s created) to maximize reach and minimize stress.

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