A well-designed website is more than just wallpaper. A good Charlotte web designer takes into account both form and function to create a piece of online real estate that will generate revenue, while also continuing to build equity for years to come.

If your website isn’t making you money, it may be missing one of these four key elements.

4 elements of a website that converts:

#1. A Modern & Minimalist Look & Feel. Here at Fleek Consulting, we believe that less is more. Our designs effectively employ a balance of color and white space to give your website a sleek, professional look that appeals to the modern-day consumer. We use only the highest-quality images to create an emotional connection that goes a long way in converting your visitors into lifelong customers.

#2. Effective Copywriting. Good copywriting not only helps to distinguish you from your competitors. When done right, it also helps improve your search engine rankings. While old-school SEM (search engine marketing) relies on keyword stuffing to boost your online visibility, new-school methods rely on the use of storytelling in the form of clear and concise content.

If you’re considering DIY (doing it yourself), we strongly advise against it. Pairing text with compelling visual imagery (see #1 above) is an art form best left to the professionals.

Trust us. We’ve perfected it.

(Case in point: this website.)

#3: Clear & Compelling Calls to Action. Make sure your contact information—especially your phone number—is highly visible across all pages, along with a clear and simple call to action. Include a contact form on your site to capture your visitors’ info, and make sure you clearly communicate what they’ll get in exchange for it. Here are some examples:

  • Call Today for a FREE Quote: 555-555-5555
  • Enter Your Information to Download Our Ebook!
  • Fill Out The Form Below For Instant Access!
  • Create A FREE Account to Get Started!

What works for one business may not work for another. Be sure to split-test landing pages with various CTAs to determine your most effective course of action.

#4: Mobile-Responsiveness. We already talked about giving your website a minimalist look and feel, but above all, you must make sure it’s also mobile-responsive. A mobile responsive website looks great on all types of devices, from laptops to mobile phones. A website that’s not mobile friendly is hard to view on tablets and smartphones and could result in you losing customers by the hundreds.

Think about how frustrated you are when you try to view a website on your mobile device and it doesn’t display well … it’s the fastest way to drive leads away from you and into the arms of your competitors (who are probably waiting in the wings with a mobile-responsive website!)

Check out this article from HubSpot for 6 reasons why you should invest in a mobile-friendly site today.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Click the button below to test it out!


One last golden nugget of wisdom: aim to be helpful. 

People love free stuff. Whether it’s information or a coupon for your services, one of the best ways to earn your site visitors’ trust (and business) is to give something away for free.

In fact, to illustrate this point, we’re giving qualified business owners a FREE digital strategy audit. Fill out the form on this page to get started. We’ll perform an analysis of your current online presence and send the findings in the form of a short video straight to your inbox.

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