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'Turn your followers into stans.’ (That’s Internet-speak for stalker + fan.)

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Everyone’s talking about social media marketing.

It’s no secret that it’s extremely important for the growth of your business and can make or break your reputation. There are lots of social networks out there, and each one serves a different purpose.

How many active monthly users are on each platform? Check out these stats (as of 2017):

1.9 billion


the world’s most popular social network, personal in nature, with inexpensive advertising opportunities to build your brand and audience

600 million


makes use of photos and videos to tell captivating stories and offers a great opportunity to capture an audience with products that are more visual in nature

317 million


uses pins and boards to save and organize content that users find most interesting; perfect for visual-driven e-commerce businesses

106 million


a B2B-driven networking site designed to promote relationship-building through groups built around similar interests with advertising options also available

317 million


the network that pioneered the #hashtag and the largest real-time micro-blogging platform in use today with each post limited to 140 characters

1 billion


offers an authentic medium for people to exchange information quickly via video and is a great tool for boosting your online visibility quickly

Should you be active on every social network?

Not necessarily. The #1 mistake businesses make is thinking that they need to have an active presence on every social network. Because each platform has a different audience and serves a different purpose, trying to be everywhere all at once may actually do more harm than good.

Our social media marketing services are tailored to your business’ needs. Rather than setting up a profile on every network and posting to all of them daily, we assess which platforms will be most helpful in growing your brand and boosting your online visibility.

Where is your target audience spending most of their time? We’ll help you figure that out, and then that’s where we’ll spend most of our time.

If you’re debating the value of social media, don’t. There’s no question that it’s valuable. The question is, which platforms are going to help you get targeted, niche-specific leads and better results for your business?

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