Link Building

Beefing up your authority on the DL‘ (down-low)

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What is link building?

Link building is the act of getting other websites to point a link to your website from theirs. Each link is essentially counted like a vote. If you have a lot of votes from other high-quality, relevant websites, it tells search engines like Google, that you’re a trusted authority, and they will serve you up higher in the search results for your niche keywords as a result.

There are three basic camps of thought when it comes to SEO and link building…

white hat seo charlotte nc

White-Hat SEO

(good angel on your left shoulder)

black hat seo

Black-Hat SEO

(evil devil on your right shoulder)

gray hat seo

Grey-Hat SEO

(angel and devil shake hands)

Most link building techniques fall into the grey-hat camp, which is somewhere in the middle. If not done right, it’s an SEO marketing strategy that could actually get your website banned from search results altogether.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room…

Above all, viral content creation should be at the base of any solid link building strategy. Create and publish awesome content on your own website that people will naturally want to link back to and share.

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