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The Golden Era…

If you haven’t heard of Gary V. by now you should get with it and peep what he is saying about Facebook advertising.

We fully agree that we are currently in the golden era of Facebook ads, and if your marketing dollars are not currently in that ecosystem, it’s time to put your duckets into that bucket! (duckets is slang for money, in case you were wondering).

Are you on board? Awesome. Now, in good ol’ #garyvee fashion, let’s keep it real: not all Facebook advertising is created equal, and you shouldn’t trust your campaigns to just any Charlotte SEO marketing firm that claims they know how to run ‘em.

Featured Blog: 5 Tips for Running Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you decide to give Facebook ads a try, here are some tips to ensure success.

Test, tweak, repeat…

When implementing Facebook ads you want to make sure you are constantly analyzing their performance and tweaking them as necessary to see maximum results. Simply setting up an ad and leaving it alone may easily result in wasted marketing dollars—massive amounts in just a few days, in fact (depending on your campaign budget.)

As a busy entrepreneur, it can be quite daunting managing ads yourself while staying up to date on current trends. Enter: Fleek Consulting. Though we are a small business, online marketing is our area of expertise. Not to mention, we have a massive network of marketing professionals and associates that we are constantly learning from and are always up to date on what’s working now.

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