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Real Estate Lead Generation

‘Flippin’ cribs like cray

“Selling houses can be really flippin’ hard…”

But not for the realtors we’re working with. Our top agents are bringing in more buyers and sellers and adding 3-5 new closed transactions to their bottom line each month.

Check out these results to see how our real estate lead generation services are making it easier than translating millennial-speak:

Our secret?

We’re simply getting in front of people who are already searching for your services … on the social platforms where they’re already spending most of their time. Today, it’s Facebook and Instagram. Tomorrow, we’re pretty confident that real estate agents will be selling houses on Snapchat.


In any event, we’re working hard to stay ahead of the game, and you should be too.

If you’re fed up with buying real estate leads from the same recycled sources and not seeing results, we don’t blame you. In fact, we welcome your skepticism and can’t wait to show you what makes us different from Zillow, Trulia, realtor.com and all of the other real estate lead generation companies out there.

faq’s about our real estate lead generation services:

“How do I know your real estate lead generation services are right for me?”

Great question. We want to make sure this is a good fit too, so we’ll follow it up with some questions of our own:

Are you…

  • Serious about growing your real estate business?
  • Willing to go where the market is trending?
  • Coachable and eager to learn?
  • Ready to invest in yourself and maximize the return on your marketing dollars?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, congratulations. You may just benefit from our real estate lead generation platform. 

Want to find out for sure? Click the pretty pink button below to request a demo. We’ll walk you through our platform, and if you like what you see, we’ll get you set up on a two-week trial for just $200.

Start Flippin’ Cribs

“Why $200? And what am I gonna get with this trial?”

In the words of hip-hop artist, Saul Williams, “scared money don’t make none.”

We only want to work with serious agents. So we’re asking you to cover some of the ad spend for these first two weeks to prove to us that you’re gonna take this seriously (as we do).

Your trial includes:

  • One social ad campaign designed to bring in 30-100 leads over 14 days*
  • A Facebook community page for your area that we will help you manage and use to run the ad campaigns
  • Access to our online private members area with proven sales & marketing tools, strategies, tips, and scripts to help you close more sales and increase retention
  • Exclusivity—no one else gets your leads from this campaign, and once you start the trial, we stop prospecting other realtors in your area

And, when you decide to move forward at the end of your trial, you’re ALSO gonna get:

  • An automated email drip series designed to keep you top of mind as leads progress through the buying cycle (optional)
  • 24/7 access to our team & continued support
  • Access to our HomeScouting web app, which updates in real time with the MLS and lets you track searches from leads who create an account (optional)
  • Loyalty—again, these leads are 100% exclusive to you and will not be sold to any other realtors or mortgage professionals in your area

*What’s a lead? We consider a lead to be a name and an email address, but they will often provide more info like their phone number and address, too. Either way, we’re gonna show you some tested and proven follow-up strategies that will help increase communication and retention rates with all leads—even when you just get a name and an email.

“What kinds of results can I expect to gain from this trial?”

Check out this hypothetical case study based on the results we’re seeing from other realtors in this program:

  • Average median sale price of homes for sale in your area = $200,000
  • Average number of leads received during 2-week trial = 100
  • Average closing ratio of lead volume = 1% (or 1 person at $200,000)
  • Average commission rate = 3%
  • Average dollar amount of commission = $6,000
  • Cost of trial = $200

ROI = ($5,800/200)*100 (2,900%)!

“But I don’t wanna spend $200 and make $6K…”

Said no smart businessperson, ever.

So go ahead and click that pretty pink button. You know you wanna… 🙂

Start Flippin’ Cribs