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(#sorrynotsorry … we’re in maintenance mode.)

Welcome to Fleek Consulting. We’re a family-owned and operated digital marketing consulting company in Charlotte, NC.

Our mission is simple: we help businesses get their online presence on point.

our bad … It looks like you caught us in maintenance mode.

We’re actually in the process of rebranding our company and adding a few new items to our menu of marketing services.

(We’re most excited about an exclusive real estate lead generation platform that we’ve been getting excellent results with.)

Thanks for your patience as we prepare to bring you something that’s sure to make you say “O.M.G!” (Online. Marketing. Gurus.)

Anyways … we’ll be launching a brand-spankin’-new website soon.

In the meantime, if you’re as curious as a cat in a cradle fulla’ catnip, put your name and email into the form below, and we’ll keep ya’ posted.

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